Tahnee McShane is a Tasmanian author, teacher, child wrangler extraordinaire and business manager. Tahnee began her career as a violinist and music teacher, before becoming a farmer’s wife, mother, qualified teacher and business manager. She now writes at home on her family farm in between board meetings, shearing and taxiing her children to school. Tahnee has a Masters in Teaching and degrees in English, Journalism and Music.

Mary-Ann Orchard is an award winning artist and illustrator living in the midlands of Tasmania. Mary-Ann’s art often features animals with curious and interesting personalities that bounce of the canvas. Mary-Ann’s works are usually executed in acrylic and some of the pieces involve gradually building up the detail with very fine brushwork, using layer upon layer to achieve the desired result.  Mary-Ann also works as a school Chaplain, where she provides moral support, mentorship and enriches children’s broader educational outcomes.